Green Cab is never closed.

More services than not are only available around here from sunup to sundown. We aren’t one of them — no matter when you need us, we’ll be here for you. For the entirety of our operational history we’ve been open to take care of you at any time under any circumstance.

Saving the earth & getting you a ride shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

Those locally-sourced vehicles we purchase? Not a one of them doesn’t use alternative-fuel engines, and although they’re all recent models, we’re sure to purchase them used to further offset our carbon footprint. No matter what the color of the currency or the denomination, every dollar you spend with us is just a little bit greener than with any other transportation company.

We promise we’ll always keep our business local if you do.

Our cars are all bought from local dealerships, our headquarters are locally-based, and all of our drivers are committed to living in Vermont and enriching their communities by doing so. We’re proud to be a business that reflects the values of this state and the people in it.

Via app, email, or phone call, our technology means you get the quickest available cab.

Vermont is fast becoming a haven for the tech-savvy: to keep them on board with us, we need to be on board with technology. We utilise industry-leading iCabbi™ systems for our digital dispatching and record-keeping. For customers, we offer fully digital tracking, digital receipts for any type of transaction, and, very soon, a smartphone app with more functionality than Uber or other, better ridesharing apps.