About Us

Green Cab VT was formed in 2008 under modest circumstances but with a wide-ranging and ambitious vision: that the transportation industry in Vermont should reflect the eco-conscious, socially-responsible values of its citizens. In the eight years since, our operations have grown such that we are the largest private for-hire transportation company in the state of Vermont.

Our ever growing fleet consists of 28 alternative fuel vehicles: six Toyota Highlander hybrid SUV’s, four biodiesel Mercedes Sprinter vans, and eighteen Toyota hybrid Priuses. Our newest operations include a private black car service which includes a Lexus hybrid GS450h and a BMW 335i with a hydrogen injection system installed, keeping true to our eco-conscious mission statement.

Green Cab VT is never closed – 24 hours, 365 days of the year – an onsite dispatcher and manager is always available. Our call center reservation and booking system is completely digital; we use iCabbi Dispatch Software, a comprehensive dispatch solution and analytics platform that provides real time information on our drivers’ progress, status, and history. Our customers can choose to be alerted through an automated text messaging system and track their car in real time. We offer an online booking system, directly through our website, greencabvt.com, and a state of the art APP, which allows customers to book rides on demand or schedule rides for the future. The APP also gives the customer the option of paying by cash, credit, or on account billing.

Vermont Ride Network

In 2016 we expanded our services to Washington County when we opened Central Vermont Green Cab based in Montpelier. This was the beginning of the Vermont Ride Network. VRN is an integrated network of vehicles that supplies transportation and courier service for businesses, government departments, medical facilities and employment agencies in areas that have been without relaible options. All of the vehicles are dispatched and tracked through our state of the art call center in South Burlington.

This network is optimized to grow throughout the state, and we are geared to provide blanket coverage for all of Vermont. If your area needs transportation services, call us at 802.864.2424.