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Welcome to Green Cab VT, an environmentally conscious cab company. Our fleet consists of alternative fuel vehicles, hybrids, and an electric car.

Green Cab VT Fare Calculator

If you would like a price estimate for your trip, check out our Fare Calculator. Simply type in your pick up address and destination address, and an estimated fare will be provided. Please note that this is an estimate only.

Our Philosophy

We are a local green company committed to promoting the availability and practicality of alternative fueled vehicles.

Our company was founded with the undestanding that the current situation in transportation is outdated. The internal combustion engine (ICE) was invented 185 years ago and has stuck around ever since. Its time is past. There are enough intelligent people on this planet who realize the damage that is being done by the pollutants emitted by the ICE and the desire for the fuel necessary to power it. We hope to affect some small change in the way that people perceive alternative fueled vehicles.